Reflexology – Three Days plus Half Day Assessment     £375

Course Description: Foot reflexology is a pressure point therapy to the soles of the feet and around the foot area. The pressure is applied to specific points known as reflexes to encourage the body to heal from within. Reflexology has many psychological and physiological effects that affect the whole body, rather than just the area being worked on. Therefore, it is known as a holistic therapy. Learn Reflexology for relaxation and how to treat common ailments

Learning Outcome: By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the theory of Reflexology
  • Understand the history of Reflexology
  • Understand the structure of the foot
  • Understand the basic functions of each body system
  • Recognise contra-indications to Reflexology
  • List the benefits of Reflexology
  • Understand how Reflexology works
  • Learn which areas of the feet represent which part of the body
  • Practice performing relaxations and compression for each body system
  • Perfect the skill of compression pressure point to the feet
  • Consult with the client to understand their requirements
  • Perform a Reflexology treatment with a full treatment plan
  • Understand contra-actions
  • Give appropriate homecare and retail advice

Course Requirements: Course Requirements: Level 2 or equivalent, home study Anatomy and Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology assignment, home study of manual split into chapters for in between each lesson, practice at home between lessons, written assessment and practical case studies. The first three days are booked approximately 1-2 weeks apart, with the fourth assessment day being approximately a month  later.

Certificate Issued: On completion of the final assessment day