Compress Massage

Compress Massage – One Day £180

2016-08-12-18-53-392016-08-12-18-52-16Course Description: This treatment is a combination of hands on massage and the application of a heated herbal compress to provide an intense aroma and detoxifying benefits. The heat provides a deeper massage without causing strain to the therapist.





Learning Outcome:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the history and theory of compress massage

  • Understand the large muscles of the body

  • Recognise contra-indications to compress massage

  • Be able to list the advantages and disadvantages of compress massage

  • Consult with the client to understand their requirements

  • Practice compress back massage

  • Perform a full body compress massage

  • Understand contra-actions

  • Give appropriate homecare and retail advice

Course Requirements: Level 2 NVQ or equivalent, Level 3 NVQ or equivalent OR Just Pampered Body Massage Diploma, home study of manual prior to lesson and showing competence of treatments on the day and complete written assessment.

Certificate Issued: Same Day